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Stereo photographer and author (and a programmer when I need to get paid.)

I spent nearly a decade as a newspaper writer and photographer (2D, primarily B&W) and still do occasional professional photography gigs. As a kid, I was fascinated with my View Masters, I have toyed with QuickTime VR and traveled cross-country with my Nimslo. When the Ohio Stereo Photographic Society presented at a Digital Publishing Group I belong to about 5 years ago, I jumped right in with a W3 and now shoot with paired Samsung cameras and I continue to love shooting stereo.

I enjoy shooting pretty much anything but particularly enjoy shooting portraits and people.

Check out my new book, "Songs of a Befuddled Muse" at www.befuddledmuse.com, available in print, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

My Book Songs of a Befuddled Muse: https://befuddledmuse.com
My Mastadon Profile: https://universeodon.com/@wckiraly
Personal Site: https://www.cohenkiraly.com
More photography: https://wkiraly.smugmug.com

Location: Cleveland, OH, USA

Contact: wkiraly@cohenkiraly.com