All published stereophotographs of wkiraly

Looking Up the Staircase
Amanda Lott Photographer
Manhattan glass reflections
Sea Glass Carousel
Eating a Strawberry
Guardian of Industry
A Cup of Blue
In Hand
NickelPlate 765 at Night
Candy Land in Blue
Supposing you brought the light inside the body
Love and the Windy Man
Rock Wall
Jessie and Kimmi
One Small Step
Weeping Angel
Jessie's New Lens
The Boxer
Hair Guitar
Euphonium Euphoria
Leaning In
Face of Infinity
Cleveland Skyline
Morning Rails
Graffiti Wall in Ann Arbor
Potato Pair Paring
A Day At The Beach
Columbus Pride Parade: Beautiful Couple
Train Wheels
Working Stiff
Jessie and her beloved ocean
Columbus Pride Parade: Pride and Prejudice
The Offering
Liane Smoking
Early Morning Fisherman
Jamie 1
Caroline 4
Hong Kong Willie
Prayers For Maria Avon OH