Fire show 2020-09-11


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Fire show 2020-09-11

by JackDesBwa 2020-09-17 19:23

Some days ago, a giant free outside show was given in Le Mans (France) where a large part of two places (approximately 23,000 squared meters) were lit by a few thousands controlled fires (scenography and technique by the artistic company Carabosse). Some were on the ground, in kinetic or static sculptures, suspended in the airs, on top of the buildings, and man has to notice additionally the reflections in the windows of the buildings and a few special fire installations such as a fire fountain or driven fire machines. A concert was played in the middle which resonated in the whole area. Very nice atmosphere. Everyone was masked and the space was so large that it was pretty easy to keep distances most of the time.

This photo shows a vegetal area between two pathways where a large number of fires were nicely distributed in the 3D space. It was hard to choose a good exposure as the fire is extremely bright and the surrounding very dark. In addition, I do not have synchronization on these cameras yet, which make good shots hard to get.

-- 2020-09-11, LX15 manual sync

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