Lorenz attractor


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Lorenz attractor

by JackDesBwa 2020-08-10 14:23

This is the famous Lorenz attractor related to the butterfly effect. It shows the evolution of the state of the Lorenz system (for a particular initial state and parameters, for a limited duration) represented as a 3D point with a color that changes gradually in the path from dark red to bright yellow. As a chaotic system, this state never passes twice at the same place.
This image was made by executing a script in blender: the equations were simulated and a new point (and associated edge) was created for each computed value. Then, the curve was transformed in a thin tube and textured with a gradient. Finally, I placed the stereoscopic camera to have a nice point of view and rendered the scene.
-- 2020-08-10, blender

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JackDesBwa 2020-08-21 13:17

The physics under this is fascinating and the mathematical and philosophical consequences of the discovery are very interesting, but for sure the aesthetic was the main motivation for this image.

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Phostructor 2020-08-15 02:27

I have exactly zero comprehension of the theory and the practice that produced this image, yet it speaks to me deeply on an aesthetic level.


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