32-in-1 sundials


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32-in-1 sundials

by JackDesBwa 2020-01-31 20:53

This sundial was probably created between 1631 and 1640. Previously standing in the park of "château de la Groirie" located at Trangé, France, it was transferred in 2007 to the park of Épau abbey nearby.
The monument counts 3 sundials on its west face, 3 ones on its east face, 5 on its north face, 16 on its south face and 1 on the top. Actually documents count 32 sundials so there are 4 additional ones somewhere. Of course, most of them work in small parts of the day. It was probably painted because some colors remain today.
On the photograph, we see the south and west faces in early evening.
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