Photos related to tourism and visit of various locations

Saint Félix de Reilhac
... Schloss Lichtenstein ...
Canal of Huelgoat
Castillo Moro, Havana, Cuba
Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia
Walkway in Chinon fortress
Neouvielle peak
Pic et lac de Montmalus
Dry Waterfall
Cross Diver Statue. Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church. Tarpon Springs, FL - USA
Norwich Phone Booths
... Black Forest House 1 ...
sunset in Berlin
Versailles, Grand Trianon
... Rotorua - New Zealand...
Monaco Pathway
Dolmen of la Grotte aux Fées
Public fountain
Porch of the chapel in castle of Blois
Door surrounded by nature
32-in-1 sundials
Museo del ferrocarril (Madrid,Spain)
Senghor portrait
Tower of the double-spiral staircase, Chambord
Rocks in river
Le Champignon - Huelgoat
Le Lude castel
Cathedral of Le Mans
Port-en-Bessin-Huppain from the air
Fireplace, castle of Blois