Apple tree fisheye test


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Apple tree fisheye test

by JackDesBwa 2019-10-11 17:58

This photo is a test with a pair of 187° circular fisheye lenses mounted on sensors read with auto-exposure mode. Actually a few degrees are cropped because seeing the other lens of the stereo pair cause rivalry. The photo is treated as if it was a regular (rectilinear) lens.
-- 2019-10-03, stereomaton with two SOHO 187° fisheye modules

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JackDesBwa 2019-10-21 07:18

Actually sView will probably add nothing for basic visualization compared to your native app.

It would be more interesting with the other version of this image with equirectangular projection ( which can be viewed in hemispherical panorama.
In this mode, you can turn the head around and see the image as if you were in front of it with a 180×180 degrees field of view, while still keeping 3D sensation.

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StereoDoro 2019-10-18 23:29

I will answer here and on the forum. Turns out on my RoKiT IO Pro I used the native app and it worked after downloading the image. I was not so lucky with the SView app. Thanks a lot for the step-by-step explanation


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