Wild owl


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Wild owl

by JackDesBwa 2023-06-25 14:42

A long chain of coincidences led me to be on this path at this hour in the countryside, where I met this wild owl. The sun had set for a bit more than half an hour and the majestic bird on the branch looked at me walking, staring at it, realizing that although I did not have my main camera my smartphone had one, taking the cha-cha picture, without flying away. Actually, I met two owls this evening!

The image quality was not good in these very low light conditions, one side was blurry, and the heavy treatments of the phone and jpeg compression altered the data even more. Nonetheless, I tried to enhance the picture. It is quite a mess in 2D, but the 3D version is slightly better. Do not look at it too closely though.

-- 2023-06-24, Pixel6 cha-cha


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