Juggling with fire


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Juggling with fire

by JackDesBwa 2020-03-20 22:01

The timing to photograph fire jugglers is quite short and we have to be aware of many settings to get not-so-bad shot in such crapy conditions.
For this photo, my two cameras did not have the same exposure (wider aperture on one chip partially compensated in development) and not the same aspect ratio selected ; shame on me. Creating the stereo photo took some extra time to partially mask out these issues. Furthermore, it would be technically better to place the scene in a more illuminated place so that there were less dynamic and thus be able to have details in the flames.
Artistically the triangle formed by the torches is pleasing and is also formed in depth. The rocks add extra interest.
-- 2018-10-16, LX5 hardware-hacked sync

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StereoDoro 2020-03-22 20:43

I like the 3D effect. Great job!

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Peter 2020-03-20 23:54

A wonderful result!


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