Stereoscopy @ Cité des sens


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Stereoscopy @ Cité des sens

by JackDesBwa 2023-09-27 09:58

In September 2023, the museum "cité des sciences et de l'industrie", at Paris, organized a week-end event named "cité des sens". This edition was about vision.

One of the stands was animated by Nicolas Menet, who exposed many stereoscopes from different periods. He explained the history of the art to the visitors and some models passed from hands to hands to look at 3D images of the past, in a "shared reality" experience as he called it. There were glass plates, films, stereocard, reels and so on.

A the end of the presentation, the visitors received a series of 28 stereophotos on various topics and had to build their own cardboard stereoscope from so that they can view them at home.

I took this photo as an overview. We see the table full of various models, people looking in stereoscopes and listening, Nicolas explaining with his hands. The photo is a bit dark, because I wanted to keep the Geode in the background, which is an emblematic building of the park in which the museum is located.

-- 2023-09-10, LX15 manual sync


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