Face of Infinity


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Face of Infinity

by wkiraly 2020-01-26 20:16

I am uploading a corrected version of this image restoring the 3D effect. It is very hard to hide your cameras (and your garage) from parallel mirrors

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JackDesBwa 2020-01-26 22:01

By the way, it would be a good candidate for the contest of the 3DPhoto.net forum of February "Frame within the frame".

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JackDesBwa 2020-01-26 21:55

The infinite mirror effect is indeed hard to photograph, but the idea is worth the efforts.

I notice that the alignment between the two parts of the pair is not very good, which gives a little fatigue while watching the image. You can see it with the corners of the frames for example. Your image is grainy, the exposure (or contrast?) between the two views do not match and there are pretty low features to identify, so an automatic alignment algorithm will likely be confused by this image. Manual alignment is probably required for better result. Nice first image nevertheless.


Good composition: 2 Nice 3D effect: 2 Like: 5